In case you couldn’t find {{ product.description }} tag to insert the Shipping Info code snippet, please follow these steps to manually move this section to another location.

  • Copy this code snippet:
<div class="shipping-info-by-fireapps" product-id="{{}}" style="width:100%;"></div>
  • Open your Shopify store and go to Online Store, then click on Themes. Find the Theme you're using => Action => Edit Code 
  • Search for product.liquid file (or product-template.liquid in some cases)
  • Locate the {{product.description}} tag and paste the above code snippet right below it. You can also paste this snippet in other positions as you like.

 If your theme supports sections, the product.liquid file may be empty. In this case, you need to locate the {{ product.description }} tag by following these steps:

  • Look for {% section ‘file-name’ %} in your product.liquid file.
  • Copy the file name in the quotation marks (” “). For example, it’s < file-name >.
  • Paste that file name in the search field of the code editor to locate your file. It will most likely be in the ‘Sections’ folder.
  • Open that file and locate the {{ product.description }} tag there. Copy the above code snippet below the {{ product.description }} tag. 

Finally, if it doesn't work, please create a staff account to email: for us to log in and check the issues. Make sure to give us Products, Apps, and Theme access permission, then notice us on by a message. We'll check and help you asap.

For more details on how to create a staff account, kindly read this article.

Should you have any other concern, feel free to let us know via our live chat channel by clicking on the bottom right icon inside app, or our email at

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