Translate Store sub-menu in the left panel under Translation section might be the most important area when you think about viewing or making any translation changes in Transcy.

You will see 3 tabs in Translate Store section, including Store Items, Media, and Third-party Elements.

From there, you have an overview of all pages as well as know there are how many product pages, collection pages and other pages have been translated successfully.

Store Items

  • It includes Product Pages, Collection Pages, and other pages/elements that are available in your Shopify theme such as Homepage, Articles, Blogs, Payment Gateway, Navigation elements, Shop Policy, etc.

  • Checkout pages which contain buyer's information including payment address are hosted by Shopify itself, so translations will be directly handled on Shopify's side, and these pages will not be shown in Store Items too. Please refer to this article for more information.

In each page/element listed in Store Items tab, Transcy will show you 3 tabs, "All", "Updated Needed," and "Untranslated".

  • Tab "All" will show all items/contents, and their translation status.

  • There are 4 translation statuses you may see, and you can click on Filter to sort them by the status, including "Update needed", "Untranslated", "Translated", "Translating".

  • Also, we are providing Search function here which can help you to find items/contents quickly.

  • All items/contents under Update needed status will be combined into Update needed tab for better management/editing, and the same for Untranslated tab.


  • Translated: element/section/page was translated successfully

  • Translating: being in progress and uncompleted

  • Update needed: section/page has been translated before, but there are some parts/elements in that section/page still have not been translated completely, or its content was already updated/changed recently.

  • Untranslated: has no action for translation yet OR new contents of product pages/collection pages recently have synced from Shopify, so they still have not been translated yet.


You are selling internationally, and sometimes you want to have local text embedded in images in order to target to local users, this tab will help you.

For example, you can replace an image that contains English by another image contains Portuguese targeted to Brazil visitors.

Details instruction can be found here.

Third-party Elements

If you are using third-party apps which display storefront contents, Transcy can help you to translate it automatically by turning this function on.

Please check this article for more details.

If you need some more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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