To sort products that is shipped by e-Packet, and the country that has this shipping method, follow these steps:

Go to, search for any product category page or type in the product name in the search tool. Click on Ali Orders icon at the right corner:

  • Show Shipping Info: This setting enables/disables all settings that you choose below.
  • Shipping method: Here you can choose the preferred shipping method. With dropshipping, you can choose e-Packet which is the most popular, cheapest and fastest shipping method for dropshipping.
  • Country: Select the country that your products will be shipped to. This is useful when you want to check if a certain shipping method is available in your desired country.
  • Currency: You can see the shipping fee in USD.
  • Moreover, you can filter the products by shipping fee and product price.

After sorted products, you can choose and import your products as usual.

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