For Product Pages and Collection Pages, Transcy will auto-inspect elements of media (images/banners), and you just need to replace media for any product/collection you want to have their local versions in target languages.

How to make it work

Let's translate a media from a product in Product page as an example, and you can do the same for Collection page too.

1. Just go to Translation Store > Store Items > Product Pages

2. Choose product contains media you want to translate, and click on the pencil icon > Media

3. From there, it shows Store Default images and Replacing Images.

Just choose your target language that you want to replace the image


+ Default image: images are already in your Shopify store

+ Replacing image: images are out from your Shopify store that you've prepared in local versions for target languages

+ More tips on how to get the image link, just grab and follow the article

4. Paste the replacing image link into the tab > press Enter OR click on "Browse file here" to upload image in your local library, then click on Save button.

5. Repeat above steps again for other media.

6. Go back to that product page > Select the target language on Switcher > View the result


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