As a shop owner, you always want to get more reviews from purchased customers, so we worked so hard to bring this new feature to you. Enjoy it!


To start, please go to our app dashboard > General Settings > Email Setting, then set your Email Header and Footer information first (Always make sure to click on the Save button on every single Section to save it)

After that, customize your email body in the next section, "Email Request Review".

In this section, you can choose to request review(s) for multiple products (maximum 10) or even 1 specific product only.

Besides, you can customize other elements to fit your business needs, including banner, button text, color, etc... Also try "Send a test email" to your email address to have a quick look on how your email will be displayed fully.


Moreover, there will be a section which is called "Upsell Emails" allows you to create your own email(s) to send SUCH AS Promotion email, any announcement for customer's next purchase...etc.

It depends on your needs, and maximum you can create 9 different emails.

About configuring sending time in the next section, refer to this article.

For some reasons, you do not want to send email request review to buyer(s) and/or for product(s), we offer Blocklist option in the last section. Instructions can be found here.

*NOTE: All the orders have been purchased before your configuration, won't be allowed to send emails via this function. Please help to do it manually.

Finally, please make sure to turn on "Start Email Schedule" then you will be good.

To follow your emails status. Check our guidance for better understanding.


Turning off the button "Star Email Schedule" will not affect the current pending email. For making clear, the current pending email will be sent even if you turn off the button "Star Email Schedule", so if you want to delete it, you have to delete it in Pending section manually. Please go Statistic => Pending => Action.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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