You can simply set up how long after the fulfillment is done, an email will be sent to customer to request a review from them. Make sure to check shipping time for your order too, because you do not want customer to fill in a review before they actually receive ordered product.


I want to send email review request to my customer who have been ordered my product(s). Shipping time to Vietnam will be 1 day, and other countries will be 3 days, thus I am going to set sending email after 2 days for Vietnam (1st timing) and 4 days for other countries (International) (2nd timing) like the following:

SAVE the settings.

As a result, email will be sent to your customer exactly at the time you have scheduled your email request to be sent.

In case you want to add 3rd or more timing for other specific countries, just click on "Add country timing" button. Within a timing, we do not limit number of countries can be added, so feel free to use "+" button as you want.

Also, for other announcements/discount etc., configure them in the next area, Email Automation Campaign

  • Note that the number in "Wait" field should be 1 at least, and that email will be sent after Review request email "number" days/hours.

  • Having more than 1 email, click on Set next email button (maximum will be 9), and email will be sent sequentially at your specified time.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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