Easily check your email status by going to Email Campaign section

Ali Reviews > Email Campaign > Statistic

There are 3 statuses your email may belong to:

including emails which will be sent in the future, depends on how you configure them on your Email Setting.

Finished: emails, which are on the way, or already have been sent to customer(s), will be placed under this status.

Expired: emails will be shown here once you have stopped sending your email right on Pending section

In each of above 3 statuses, there will have sub-statuses which can be found here.


  • Email ID: normally it is Order ID in Shopify. If it does not include a number after underscore (for e.g. #1010), it points out that this is an email request review, otherwise it belongs to one of your Other emails. The number after underscore basically is the position of that email in the list of your Other emails.

For e.g. you have 2 Other emails templates (Thank you and Discount), and you are seeing Email ID value as #1010_2, it means this is a Discount email.

In case you select multiple products within an email request review, Email ID will be ID of the first product in Shopify order.

  • Line Item column will only show product's image(s) on email request review, and will be blank for others. 

  • Only Send Date column can be sorted, for other columns, we recommend to use Filter function.

  • By default, each page will show 15 emails only.

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