• Pending Section:

Clicking on "-" button, and there will have few actions can be taken with Pending emails.

Send now: Your email planned to be sent in the future will be sent now after clicking on this button, and this email will be moved to Sent status
Stop: Your email will be stopped, and forwarded to Expired status
Block user: Your customer email will be locked
Block product: ONLY shown in Email Request Review, and this product will be blocked from now onward

  • Sent Section:

Delivered: Completely sent, your customer has received it
Opened: Your customer has clicked on this email
Error: Incompletely sent
Sending: this email is on the way to your customer inbox

Gmail and Yahoo are working fine. However, for those customers with MS emails (Hotmail, Live.com and Outlook.com) (at least for now with our testing), email(s) will be shown as Error status. (We are working closely with 3rd party on this, and it will be fixed very soon)

  • Expired Section

This section will be contained ALL of the error message(s)/stop sending email(s) to your customer.
Emails here will be deleted after 90 days since Expired date.  

Bulk action is available on Expired section also

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

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