You can use the Affiliate Dashboard to check the overview of the clicks, trial signups, paid conversions, and earnings for each of your affiliate campaigns. 

The Links and Banners pages are the affiliate tools that we provide for you. From these pages, you can create a standard affiliate link, create an advanced link with campaign tracking parameters, and use our banners for your promotions. and export data from your affiliate campaigns to view detailed revenue amounts for each of the Shopify stores that you've referred.

The Referrals page shows a list of the stores that you've referred to FireApps, including their current status of activity and their App Plan. 

The Payment page shows a list of payout periods, which you can click on to show detailed revenue amounts for each of the new users that you’ve referred to us.

The App News page shows you the information such as: new updates on apps, promotions, etc… You can learn what happens recently with our apps and also catch the newest promotion campaign to attract more users.

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