This article describes the rules that limit the number of emails sent to your customers. These rules ensure that your customers receive the optimum number of emails at the most appropriate intervals, and are not spammed.

  • Every single month, your emails quota is 150/1500/15000 emails based on your plans including Starter/Essential/Premium respectively, and it will be reset back in the 1st day of the next month.

  • For each buyer in your shop, he/she will receive maximum 2 emails per day, and 5 emails per month.

  • Once email has been sent successfully, it will be counted as 1 successful email, and reduce 1 from your quota.

  • When your quota is down to 0, you will not be able to send email anymore. However, you still can schedule your email(s) normally. On the Send date, if your quota is 0, that scheduled email(s) will not be sent, and automatically moved to Expired tab.

  • If your quota is 0 and you try to click on Send now option, you will be notified with pop-up as "You can send 150/1500/15000 emails per month only" based on your current plan.

Limitation for test email

  • Each day you can send 24 test emails maximum.

  • When you reach to the that limitation, button Send a test email will be disabled, and a warning pop-up will be shown: "You can send 24 test emails per days only".

Limitation email for each buyer in your shop

  • Maximum he/she can receive 2 emails per day, and 5 emails per month.

  • Daily limitation will be reset on 12 AM EST/EDT time by default, no matter which country/timezone you/your store locate(s) at.

  • In a specific month, when you already sent 5 emails to a customer, you won't be able to schedule a new email for him/her.

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