Use below listed important metrics to track data from the first moment when customer visits your store, through conversion, to sale:

  • Percentage of site visitors who engage with reviews imported by our Ali Reviews app

  • Increase in conversion rate from visitors who engaged with reviews

  • Amount of revenue gain from engaged customers

There are 3 data ranges you can filter to display data: last 7, 30 and 90 days.

Reviews interaction

  • The percentage of visitors to your site who have interacted with reviews divided by the total visitors to your site. 

  • For e.g., there was 32 users interacted with reviews, and total visitors was 100, so Review Interaction will be shown as 32%.

  • An interaction can be either a click on rating star filter, change to next review page, see image review, or scroll to review section, etc. 

Sales from Reviews

  • This shows how much more likely a visitor who engages with reviews is to buy as compared to total of interacted visitors.

  • Continuing to above example, there was 10 users bough products after interacting with reviews,  so Sales from Reviews will be displayed as 10 * 100 / 32 = 31.25%.


  • Revenue ($) your store receives from visitors who interacted with reviews.

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