When you're fulfilling multiple orders on AliExpress and you reach the stage where you're about to complete the order, an annoying Captcha check will appear and stop your automated fulfillment. You have to manually enter the captcha to get through this verification process and continue your fulfillment.

We understand this is really frustrated for our users, that's why we've developed and integrated a first-class trained AI Captcha Solver.

AI Captcha Solver is avalable in Ali Orders Premium Plan. Not like any other captcha service, you don't have to buy credits to use this captcha solver, it's an exclusive feature for all Ali Orders Premium users.

Just simply enable this function in Ali Orders dashboard and let it solve captcha for you.

Now you can relax, and we do all the work for you, because we know you have better things to do than wrestle with Captcha several times a day.

Happy dropshipping :)

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