If you have referred some clients, but when you go checking the Affiliate Dashboard and do not see any records there, please be patient and check the following situations first.

You will NOT get credits for the situations as below:

  • Your unique link might be broken because of some modifications (shorten the link, change domain, etc…)

  • A client who installed the apps through your broken link.

  • A client who had already installed FireApps in the past but then uninstalled, now they come back and install the apps through your unique link.

  • A client who deleted cookies before installing the apps, might caused your cookie to be wiped out as well.

  • A client who has Development store (Store which is using Shopify affiliate plan) installing the apps through your unique link.

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Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

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