Go to Review Pops > Theme at first.


Here you can choose to :

  • Display customer's name in review, OR an alternative (for e.g. Someone)

  • Turn on/off Popup thumbnail (there are 3 options here, Use review photo (first photo), Use product featured image (in case review does not have photo), or use abstract image from our existing database)

  • Turn on/off Rating star, and Published date. Note that if these elements are turned off in Theme Settings, you will not be able to turn it on here.


We are providing here 2 variables (Customer Name and Country) which you can choose to use it or not, and even though you can translate non-variable words to any language you want. 


We provide a Template Gallery with many existing templates, and you can choose it for a quick solution.

Otherwise, in case you want to customize yourself, feel free to use other options.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

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