With brand-new Smart import function that many of you have asked for a long time, Ali Reviews 5.0 now allows you to set random reviews quantity per import.

  • Go to Import Settings > Default Filter Setting:

  • Choose Random Quantity Per Import, and fill in a value range to get a random number of reviews per import

  • Choose Fixed quantity per import if you want all products having same quantity of reviews for every imports.

NOTES: You have Maximum 1500 reviews filtered from the first 500 review pages of AliExpress link.


Again we are bringing another feature request from many customers about review rating ratio (between good and bad rating) before publishing to store which helps your store not look like fake one.

For example, you can set Good rating (3 stars reviews and up) to be imported with 90%, and Bad rating (from 1 star to 2 stars reviews) with 10% as above image.

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