At the moment, our app - Ali Reviews - is NOT compatible with page builder apps such as HelpCenter, Shogun, etc.

As an alternative solution, we highly recommend you to use PageFly #1 Page Builder which is the Leader in Page Builders section on Shopify store since our Ali Reviews has officially integrated with. 

With PageFly, you can consider to try it FOR FREE with 30 day-trial, and we believe you will love it.

You also can take a look about PageFly app from this YouTube video.

About how to integrate Ali Reviews with PageFly, please refer to this article.

Next to PageFly, we also have official integration with LayoutHub and GemPages. More details can be found as the following:

- For LayoutHub Easy Page Builder, refer to this article.

- For GemPages Page Builder & Funnel, refer to this article.

Hope this may help you, and in case if you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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