After you've installed Transcy app, and approved the charge successfully from Shopify page, you will be directed to Welcome screen as below.

Going ahead to click on Quick set up button to start your journey in 3 steps.

1. Select Languages (default and target languages)

Store Default Language

This is the default language of your store, and synced from Shopify store, so if you want to edit it, please click on "Change on Shopify admin" link.

Target Languages

There will have a drop-down list with the Search bar which displays 241 languages supported from Shopify and allows you easily select any your wish language, then click on Next button to go to step 2.


  • The Maximum target languages you can select is 5, because this is limitation for Shopify normal Paid plans.

  • If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, then you can translate your store into 20 languages. More details can be found here. In this case, if your need is more than 5 target languages, please feel free to contact our Support team.

  • By default, target language will be unpublished after translating, otherwise you need to check this box, "Publish language".

2. Select Position Your Switcher

In this screen, you can choose any favorite position to display the Switcher you want.

Also you could preview it on the right panel easily.

When everything is set, click on Done button.

Display Switcher On Store

Then you will see a pop-up like below which allows you to show switcher immediately if you click on Display switcher button. Otherwise, you can choose Maybe later button (for e.g. you want to check translation content quality first), and show switcher up when you are ready.

For now, you could translate any element on homepage easily.

You could click on "View Homepage" to see how the language translation is shown on homepage.

Next, you will be routed to Dashboard screen

There will a popup to choose translate supported languages immediately or do it later.

If you choose to translate supported language then it will start the translating process for a moment.

Besides, it will show the result of which language has been translated, and how the translation progress is going on in Dashboard.

Also, you could check your usage with how many words you have translated, and how many available words still are remaining in your current plan.

If progress is still running, please wait for a moment until it has done completely.

That's all for a beginning user, and we hope you have a great experience with our app 😉

What's next

In next step, you can refer to below articles

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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