To set up the switcher button on your store to switch between languages and currencies, firstly please go to Transcy app > Switchers, you will see a window showing like this:

You can set up Language switcher, Currency switcher and Display Settings there.

I. Switchers

1. Language Switcher

For now, there are 3 ways to show language name

  • Default (English names), like English, French, Japanese.

  • Short names, like En, Fr, Ja.

  • Native names, like English, Français, 日本語

2. Currency Switcher

There are 2 options to show supported currencies. More details about supported currencies, please check this article.

  • Names and codes, like USD (US Dollar)

  • Symbols and codes, like USD ($)

II. Display Settings

There are many things you can customize here as the below.


  • Preview window in the right panel can help you to have a better visual before applying any changes.

  • Remember to click on Save button on top after done to apply your changes.

1. Position on page

There are two options to place the switchers on your page:

  • Floating in page corner: you can choose area to place the switcher button (on top/bottom left, top/bottom right)

  • Embedded in page header: The switcher will be embedded on the header of the page, depending on the theme you are using. Currently, we are supporting 32 most popular themes to embed switcher on page header, which are:

Debut, Brooklyn, Venture, Minimal, Narrative, Supply, Simple, Boundless, Express, Booster, Debutify, Turbo, Prestige, Fastlane, Shoptimized, Impulse, Speedly, EcomSolid, Ella, Success, Empire, Parallax, Envy, Fastor, Elessi, Retina, Basel, Venue, Shella, Testament, District, Motion.

2. Switcher type

There are 2 types of Switchers: Dropdown and Popup

3. Flag icon style

There are 4 types of flag including Circle, Square, Rounded and Rectangle.

4. Style preset

You will have 2 options to choose, including both flag icon and name, or showing only name.

5. Shadow

Enable or unable the shadow for the switcher button

6. Select text color

You can select color for the text in the switcher button to make it suitable with your theme

That's all, and hope you will enjoy it !!!

If you need some more helps, and/or have any new ideas about customization, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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