There are 2 kinds of image depending on its structure so please follow these steps to get the image URL properly.

  • 1st type (regular image):

Simply right click on the image/picture then click on "Copy image address" in the right hand column.

  • 2nd type (you need to inspect element of image to get the URL):

Each website browser does this slightly differently but the logic is always the same. Right-click > Inspect


Press F12 (Ctrl, Shift and I) to access the developer tools

Then click on Network

Reload the page then it will show you all elements like this. Please check and make sure that "Img" section visible on your desktop.

Find your image/picture > right click URL > Copy > Copy link address > paste the link into the tab in Media to replace the image link > Save.

For more details about Media translation, please click here

Hope this helps you :)

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