When you first install and access to the app, there will be some short guides on how to set up the currency when starting.

NOTE: In case your Store Default Currency is unsupported at the moment in the app, the below window will be shown. Refer to this article for a solution and list of supported currencies.


  1. Click the button "Set up" to start setting up currency format for your store.

  2. You will see an instruction window opened like the following which will guide you through step-by-step in details.

  3. Following steps are just an EXAMPLE flow to set up currency format. The code might vary due to different themes, so just follow the guide in the app properly to set up the right code

  • Go to General Settings in Shopify admin.

  • Go to Store Currency settings > click on Change formatting.

  • Replace the current code in HTML with currency section with the following code <span class="transcy-money">${{amount}} USD</span>

  • Replace the current code in HTML without currency section with the following code <span class="transcy-money">${{amount}}</span>

  • Save your settings, and click on Done button.

  • After that, Verifying process will be started.

  • When everything is ready, you will see a message like below.


When you've done setting up, there will have a Currency settings menu shown. Now you could manage (Add/Edit/Delete), and customize how your currency will be displayed in your Switcher.


  • The order of kinds of currency in a Target Currency list would be the same order as your currency in the Switchers. List of supported currencies can be found here.

  • It shows you Currency code and Exchange Rate equivalent with the base unit as your default currency in Shopify. We are using Eurosystem exchange rate from European Central Bank website.


In Currency Format section, you can choose to show symbol only or to show both symbol and unit of currency.

Also, you can enable the option "Use decimal format" to decide whether to remove decimals or round up them.

  • Remove decimals: this would remove any digit appearing after the decimal point.


Default currency in USD: $10

Converted currency in EUR: €8.89

Your customer will see: €8

  • Round up: This would round the decimals to a given value.


Default currency in USD: $10

Converted currency in EUR: €8.89

Your customer will see: €9

Hope this helps you :)

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