There are 7 message`s statuses you need to know clearly including Ready, Sent, Delivered, Undelivered, Failed and Pending.

1. Ready

  • Messent has received your request to create the message from a Messaging Service.


Somehow your message`s status is Ready and has been turned into Failed or Pending, so your money will be returned to your account.

2. Sent

  • Your message has been sent by Messaging Service. Typically, a sent status will be replaced by a delivered or undelivered status within seconds or minutes.

3. Delivered

  • Messent has received confirmation of message delivery from the carrier.


There are some unexpected cases that although your status is Delivered, your message cannot reach recipient because of content filtering, or rules from carriers of that countries, so we are out of control of this.

4. Undelivered

  • The message was not delivered. This can happen for a number of reasons including carrier content filtering, etc.

5. Failed

  • The message could not be sent. This can happen for various reasons including technical issues or media errors (in the case of MMS). Messent does not charge you for failed messages.

There are some common reasons as following:

- Out of budget

- App is uninstalled

- Store is banned

- Same quite hours setting

- Limit check waiting

- Campaign is inactive/disabled

- Campaign is deleted

- Invaid phone

- Not found country

- Unable to sende SMS


Fail messages can be resend in SMS log or Spending History

  • Spending History

  • SMS log

Go to Campaigns in the Main Menu => Click on your needed campaign => SMS Logs

6. Pending

  • The message could not be sent because your account is out of money or technical issue occurs.

7. Waiting

  • The message is still waiting because of message in quiet hours and message break (A break between 2 messages) in setting of Message Delivery. Please re-check your setting time to avoid conflicting with the sending time.


  • Most of statuses will be charged with the exception of Failed, Waiting and Pending.

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