With FREE plan, you have all basic features as the followings:

  • Translate your store into 1 target language

  • Translate up to 2000 available words

  • Convert 1 target currency

  • Show Transcy logo

Once you have full experience with basic features in the Free plan, and get the hang of using Transcy, you highly want to upgrade to a Paid plan which can unblock so many useful, and awesome functions waiting for you as the following

I. Remove Transcy brand completely on Switcher (available on any Paid plan)

II. Better Translation function

1. Edit and re-correct translation content manually (available from STARTER plan)

  • You will be able to edit manual translation for all pages in your Shopify store including product pages, collection pages, homepage, other pages such as Blogs, Navigation page, Policy, etc.

  • Please click here to get more details on how to edit the translation in Transcy.

2. Match store language properly to every single visitors (available from STARTER plan)

You can match the initial store language easily to below options to make a great first impression and attraction for your customer.

  • Visitor's browser language

  • OR Visitor's country

3. Get a higher number of translated words (up to 1 million words on Premium plan, and much more)

4. Unblock Auto translation function (available from ESSENTIAL plan)

  • It helps to update your content automatically for all product pages and collection pages, so you never have to worry about out-of-date content translation.

  • Please kindly visit here for more guidance.

5. Unblock fully Media translation - another unique feature which you currently cannot find in any other existing apps (available from ESSENTIAL plan)

  • Media from all pages, banner now can be translated, definitely will make you happy and interested in this feature. You could easily prepare, and edit your own media content, and upload all favorite media to your pages for different target countries that you focus on just a few simple steps.

  • Please follow this article for more tips.

6. Unblock Third-party app translation - once again unique function (available PREMIUM plan)

Please refer to this link for more details.

III. Better Currency function

1. Able to set up different Currency formats

2. Convert many more Target currency and get customers to come to purchase quickly.

For more information, please kindly refer to How to set up Currency

Available Pricing plan?

For more details, please click here, and choose a suitable plan for your need.

What is new?

Trial Premium functions for Free 7 days

Hope all help you 😉

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io

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