Transcy helps you set up more target languages besides your default store language along with some options to help your customers have a first impressive approach when visiting your store.

All Languages

Next to your store default language, you can set up to 5 additional target language for translation.


  • 5 is limitation for Shopify normal Paid plans.

  • If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, then you can translate your store into 20 languages. More details can be found here. In this case, if your need is more than 5 target languages, please feel free to contact our Support team.

Preview a language

You could click on the "..." icon > click on View to preview your store on default language, or any target language you added.

Add new language

If the number of your target language does not reach 5, you can add new one by:

  • Clicking on Add language button

  • Choose the desired language

  • Check/uncheck on "Publish language after translating"

  • Click on Next button.

  • Check/uncheck on elements you want, then click on Translate button

Publish/unpublish language

  • Simply click on Publish or Unpublish button on target language you desired to take action accordingly.

  • Note that unpublish action does not reduce the limitation of target language.

Delete language

You can click on "..." icon < click on Delete to delete the target language.

Visitor's Language Detection

Depend on one of below conditions which you need to choose, customer can see a specific language on his/her side.

  • Store default language: visitor will view store under store default language.

Please turn on Visitor's Language Detection button to see other detected language options. If the detected language is not one of your target languages, your store will be displayed in store default language.

  • Visitor's browser language: Transcy app will auto-detect visitor’s browser language to display responsive language switcher.

  • Visitor's country: Transcy app will auto-detect visitor’s locations based on his/her country to display responsive language switcher.

Note: We have an article about how to use this function in the best way here.

Hope you enjoy this feature 😁

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

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