List of all currencies supported

Here's the list of 32 currencies supported in Transcy at the moment.

Currency code Name

  • USD US dollar

  • AUD Australian dollar

  • BRL Brazilian real

  • BGN Bulgarian lev

  • CAD Canadian dollar

  • CNY Chinese yuan renminbi

  • HRK Croatian kuna

  • CZK Czech koruna

  • DKK Danish krone

  • HKD Hong Kong dollar

  • HUF Hungarian forint

  • ISK Icelandic krona

  • INR Indian rupee

  • IDR Indonesian rupiah

  • ILS Israeli shekel

  • JPY Japanese yen

  • MYR Malaysian ringgit

  • MXN Mexican peso

  • NZD New Zealand dollar

  • NOK Norwegian krone

  • PHP Philippine peso

  • PLN Polish zloty

  • GBP (£) Pound sterling

  • RON Romanian leu

  • SGP Singapore dollar

  • ZAR South African rand

  • KRW South Korean won

  • SEK Swedish krona

  • CHF Swiss franc

  • RUB Russian rouble

  • THB Thai baht

  • TRY Turkish lira

We're in progress to research and include more other currencies to get supported in the near update. So please help me stay tuned.

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