Here's some tips will help you.

First of all, you need to check your usage to know how many words still available in your current plan and be aware of which notices when your limit run out of words.

In Dashboard, you could have an overview for your usage about Translated words which shows you how many words translated and Available Words which let you know how many words still left in your current plan.

Please click here for more information about How does the app count translated words and available words?

Or you could have a look on the left bottom screen in the app to know how many words still available in your plan easily and conveniently.

  • Case 1:

While using current plan, you have not reached the limit yet, but your need is Higher, and you intend to translate more and access more powerful features, please upgrade to higher plans.

Please visit our pricing plan here for more reference.

Or you could buy more words with your wish price and demand.

In our new update, "Buy more words" option gives you more choices of pricing and the number of translated words. Please choose a suitable package for your need.

You could learn more here.

  • Case 2:

When you have reached the translated words limit in your current plan, you want to downgrade to lower plans to continue using other features at a lower price and in case you do not want to buy more words.

Please be advised that you have to keep using your current plan until your current billing cycle ends (one billing cycle with 30 days). Then you could downgrade to lower plans.

Otherwise, you will see a notice "You have more than X number of translated words. You'll be able to downgrade to this plan in Y days when your current plan ends".


You activated the Premium plan on June 6, 2020, and started 30 days billing cycle from this day. Then you have reached 1,000,000 translated words limit on June 21. So you have clicked on downgrade to Essential plan after that. You will not be able to downgrade in that time and will see a notice stated that:

"You have more than 400,000 translated words. You'll be able to downgrade to this plan in 15 days when your current plan ends".

That means you only could downgrade to Essential plan when your Premium plan ends on July 6, 2020.

Just click on "Remind me", it will remind you on Dashboard when your current plan ends on July 6, 2020. Then you could check and downgrade your plan.

Right on July 6, there will be a pop-up to notice you as below. Please click on "Go to Pricing" to downgrade your plan.

After your plan downgraded on July 6, you'll start a new billing cycle with Essential plan, definitely you already owned more than 400,000 translated words (it means 1,000,000 words you translated before in Premium plan) still be saved in Essential plan. So you cannot translate word anymore but you could use other functions (ex. Edit translation, Media translation, Convert currency, etc) in your Essential plan.

That's all.

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Hope this helps you much.

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