There are 3 main effective updates in this version as the following:

1. New filter in Import Settings, Import Review in Date Range

Listen to your feedbacks and we would love to deliver this long-awaited request to all users now.

There are few options to choose before importing reviews. By default, this option will be turned off.

  • All time: you can choose this option if you want to get all reviews for your product(s)

  • Exclude last 7 days: Select this option if you want to translate all imported reviews. The behind reason is that our app using translation service provided by AliExpress which only translates reviews older than 7 days.

  • Last 30/90 days: you only want to get not too old reviews.

  • Custom range: flexible option, choose as your own.

2. New filter in Import Settings, Unpublish Review After Importing

Somehow you do not want to publish your review after importing immediately, because you want to have some modifications. Now you can do it by

  • Going to Import Setting

  • Go to Review Filter Settings >> Review Status After Importing

  • Click on "Unpublished"


By default, "Published" option will be chosen for this filter, so if you do not set "Unpublished" yourself, your reviews after importing will be automatically published.

3. Google Shopping Ads integration

Make sure that you have read this article before working on this new integration.

With this new function, you are now allowed to automatically sync your approved reviews into a Product Feed XML file, and upload to your Google Merchant Center account.

More details about how to use this function can be found here.

NOTE: This function is available from Essential and above.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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