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Sometimes, after changing your old theme to a new one, suddenly you do not see the Switcher being shown up on your new theme after that.

There are 2 cases occur, please follow these tips to re-show Switcher on new theme accordingly:

  • If you're using Floating Switcher, please go back to the app, paste this link on your browser to update the Switcher on new theme, then click on Update now:

  • If you're using Switcher embedded in page header, please go to Switcher > Display Settings > Position on page > Select your new theme that you have changed > Save.

Then reload your page again, the Switcher will get back immediately.

After you have changed and published store to a new theme, then you have to translate Store theme again corresponding languages set up in Language settings before.

Please go to Language Settings > choose your language that you want to translate on new theme > click on Translate > tick on Store Theme > Translate

NOTE: Please be noted that all translated contents before which belong to product pages, collection pages and general elements such as Blogs, etc are still saved so you don't need to translate these pages/elements again on new theme.

In case you have any trouble with Switcher after changing theme or cannot embed the Switcher in page header, please contact our support team immediately via live chat, or email us at, then we will check and update Switcher on your new theme properly.

Please refer to this article for more details about how to set up Switcher and current available themes supported in "Embedded in page header" section.

Hope this would be helpful.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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