First, you've ever heard "Selling multiple language" in Shopify?

As you can enable multiple languages from your Shopify admin to create separate URLs for your translated content. Once customers visit a translated URL, your store automatically shows the translated version.

Besides English is the default language of Shopify, some Shopify themes also support more than one language, so you could also translate these theme languages in Shopify admin. More details can be found here.

To sell in multiple languages, you need to follow below requirements:

  • A supported third-party language translation app installed on your store.

  • A theme that's compatible with selling in multiple languages.

  • A theme that has a language selector.

You could refer to this link for more Shopify's guidance.

So with Transcy, such a supported third-party language translation app which helps your website translated in multilingual language and your customers could have a better visual and comprehensive understanding for all products as well as marketing campaign, etc on your store. From that, you could easily get more sale.

For example, suppose your website domain is and you have translate your page in Japanese via Transcy. If you publish Japanese (ja) on your store and set up your store language matching as Visitor's country, then your customers in Japan could view your website at this translated URL

As the same rule, your subdomain would be supported for each language version of your website.

For instance, besides shopify domain, is your subdomain and managed by Shopify. You have set up the language and store matching as Visitor's country, and published Japanese on your Switcher, then your customers in Japan also could view your website at this translated URL

More details about Domain terms mentioned including primary domain, subdomain, custom domain and Third-party domain provider can be found here.

If you have any question or issue related to your shopify domain setup, please contact Shopify support directly or your third-party domain provider.

But feel free to reach out to us via live chat or email us at if you need any other support, we're willing to help.

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