Recently you may find that function Translate into your chosen language does not work properly after importing reviews from AliExpress.

The behind reason is that we have used Translation service provided by AliExpress, and recently AliExpress decided that they will keep a review in original language without translating if that review has been created within 7 days compared to current day.

Take a look on below example for better understanding.

Today is on July 14th, 2020, and you want to import the latest reviews from July 7th to 12th with chosen translated language as French.

However, your reviews will not be able to be translated accordingly after importing review, because those reviews were created within 7 days since today, AliExpress does not translate them, so we only can have them in original languages. Therefore, if you still want to get French reviews for this product, you have to choose reviews when its created date is older than 7 days compared to your current day.


1. You can get review from your expected country or language by going to Import Settings > Reviewer Location, and choose countries you want.

2. You can filter your imported review with Data Range to exclude reviews created within last 7 days. More details can be found here


With the function "Exclude last 7 days", there are around 70% the amount of reviews translated in your chosen language. Please be advised that, sometimes the amount of reviews translated in your chosen language may be less than 70%, because it still depends on translation service provided by AliExpress, if their contents have not been translated into your chosen language yet, our app still import original reviews.

3. You can import your reviews from CSV file. For making it clear, if translated reviews from product A were prepared, you can import them via CSV file. For more detail how to import from CSV file can be found here. Please be advised that, this function is available on Essential and Premium plan.

4. You can try to use a translation app as Transcy that has been officially integrated with Ali Reviews to translate your review content in visitor`s local language. For more detail how they can help you resolve your concern can be found here.

5. With untranslated content, you can edit it manually in Manage Reviews. Please go Import Reviews => Choose selected product => Choose needed review => Click on the button "Edit" like the picture below.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

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