When your store is translated into other languages besides your default Shopify language via the theme translation supported from your theme, then your store theme would also create a Switcher by itself to show up all translated language versions on your website at the same time with Transcy Switcher, it looks like this.

It depends on your theme structure that the theme Switcher is showed on your website or not.

You will recognize there are some differences in displays between your theme Switcher and Transcy Switcher easily.

As Transcy Switcher will display both the language name besides the country flag icon likes the below picture.

If you set up your Store Currency then the currency selector would be showed under the language selector as well.

In case you want to remove/hide your theme Switcher, please help me contact your theme provider directly OR please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io for further support.

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